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The Organizations, Artifacts and Practices (OAP) workshop

The first OAP workshop was launched in May of 2011 with the goal of facilitating discussion among scholars from various disciplines (e.g. management, sociology, ergonomics, computer science, psychology…) who collectively share an interest in understanding the dynamics that exist between organizations, artifacts (IT, managerial technologies, buildings, machines, cognitive schemes, symbols…), and practices.

This annual event is co-chaired by François-Xavier de Vaujany (DRM, Université Paris-Dauphine) and Nathalie Mitev (Management department, London School of Economics). It took place in Paris in 2011, will take place in Paris again in 2012 and will take place in London in 2013.

OAP 2011 was about “Social networks and artifacts in organizations”.

OAP 2012 was about “Materiality and space in management and organization studies”.

OAP 2013 will be about “Time, history and materiality”.

OAP is organized in partnership with the MBC program of université Paris-Dauphine.

Click here to get the final programm and proceedings of OAP 2012


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3 thoughts on “The Organizations, Artifacts and Practices (OAP) workshop

  1. Hello,

    Here is our new blog. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback about the blog or the next OAP workshop!

    OAP webmasters

    Posted by OAP webmasters | February 3, 2012, 10:25 am
    • Comments from OAP organizers

      The workshop’s second session will concentrate on the subjects of materiality (of artifacts, practices and/or organizations) and material spaces as they exist in Management and Organization Studies. According to Orlikowski (2007,p. 1435), “the [OS] field has traditionally overlooked the ways in which organizing is bound up with the material forms and spaces through which humans act and interact.”
      Since the late 90s, two main streams of research have developed with the intention of analyzing these issues.

      The first stream of research has focused on the ways in which (material) spaces are constituted and transformed through everyday practices (see Clegg and Kornberger, 2006). Consequently, this research suggests that organizational theory must perform a “spatial turn” in order to incorporate the volumetric analysis of objects and everyday spatial practices.

      The second stream of research is related to sociomaterial practices (influenced primarily by Latour, 2005, Suchman, 1987, Pickering, 1995 and Orlikowski, 2005, 2007) and has attempted to overcome the dichotomy between social and material worlds by concentrating on the practices within organizations. These practices are constituted by, but also produce, material and social dynamics.
      The second workshop will aim at shedding light on the following topics, among others:

      – The entanglements between the material and social dimensions of organizational practices;
      – The convergences and divergences between literatures relating to spatial practices and sociomaterial practices;
      – Identity and sociomaterial practices;
      – Rules/regulations and sociomaterial practices;
      – Reputation and sociomaterial practices;
      – Performance and sociomaterial practices;
      – Sociomaterial perspectives: are these simply reformulations of Actor-Network Theory?
      – ANT and the material-social divide;
      – Material space vs. organizational space;
      – Post-Marxist perspectives on materiality;
      – Material artifacts and organizational dynamics;
      – Managerial techniques and their cultural/material underpinnings;
      – Service vs. industry oriented activities and their material significance;
      – Social networks and their material implications.

      Administrative support:

      For more information:

      DRM website

      EGOS website

      Posted by workshopoap | February 3, 2012, 10:44 am
  2. With 110 attendants, 36 papers presented and 5 wonderful keynotes, OAP 2012 has been a great success. Looking forward to meeting you again in London for OAP 2013. Best. François and Nathalie.

    Posted by workshopoap | May 14, 2012, 9:53 am

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