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Pictures of the 4th Organizations, Artifacts & Practices (OAP) workshop in Roma

Dear all,

Following our message about OAP 2015 in Sydney, some of you asked us pictures of the 4th OAP workshop organized in June 2014 in Roma. Here they are 🙂

Pictures 1: The OC in the center (e.g. Paolo Spagnoletti, François-Xavier de Vaujany & Nathalie Mitev) and some participants (e.g. Eduardo Diniz, Fabian Muniesa, Marlei Pozzebon and Julie Bastianutti on the right, and Stefan Haefliger on the left)


Photo CO1PhotoCO2

Pictures 2: the social event at the palazzo Farnese (Hercule’s room)

Photo Palais Farnese1HerculeTerrasse Palais Farnese.jpgExploring the Palais Farnese.jpgInside the palais Farnese.jpgPhoto Palais Farnese 2.jpg



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Organizing comitee of the Organizations, Artifacts and Practices Workshop


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