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Second meeting of OAP Standing Group


Our workshop will organize the second meeting of OAP SG. This will take place just before OAP 2016, the 22nd at 4.30 PM (Nova School of Business and Economics).

You are welcome if you want to join our discussion about the ontologies of Management & Organization Studies (MOS).

As last year, this discussion will be very informal and interactive.

We propose three ‘teasers’ people can think about before joining us:

– Marxist and critical roots for debates about materiality: back to Marx, Feuerbach, material dialectic and historical materialism? Seminal Marxian concepts and history seem be forgotten in contemporary discussions. Why? What about axiology and politics in contemporary theorizations in MOS?

– Typologies and debates about ontologies in MOS. Can several ontologies be identified (see Renault, 2016), and if so, can they help overcome contemporary dichotomies (entities/process, spatialization/temporalization, discourse/materiality, practice/activity-process…) in MOS debates?

– Technology and our digital world: reasons and relevance of this focus for debates about ontologies in MOS. How to move from the study of ICT-related practices to the (long term) exploration of a new semiosis?

This meeting will be in partnership with the Centro Interuniversitário de História das Ciências e da Tecnologia affiliated with (Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FTC/UNL) and Universidade de Lisboa (FC/UL). We will thus have the pleasure to share our views with Portugese and Brazilian philosophers and anthropologists who will join the SG. Thanks a lot to Davide Scarso, Pierre Leglise-Costa, Diogo Sardinha and Jacinto Lageira for helping us doing this.

Beyond the members of the SG, the meeting will also be open to OAP participants (who will need to register at: workshopoap@gmail.com).

For those who will not attend the meeting, we will send a summary of our discussions (which should be recorded if all people present agree with this principle).

Looking forward to meeting you all in Lisbon!

Kind regards

François & Nathalie, coordinators of OAP Standing Group



About workshopoap

Organizing comitee of the Organizations, Artifacts and Practices Workshop


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